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Sandra Landergott

Fine Art

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Fine Art

Sandra Landergott


For me, the enjoyment of creating art is the journey, not the destination. To create is an expression of yourself and how you perceive things. The artist takes the risk that not everyone will appreciate or understand their efforts.

Art is an ongoing learning process. I think most artists will agree. Even old masters felt they had something still to learn up until the end.

There is a growing trend toward painting plein air. This has been a time honored method that has been overlooked in the previous decades.

I have drawn inspiration from the French lmpressionists up to contemporary artists (too many to name). Although I don't paint in Monets’ style, his way of seeing color has inspired me to go out and paint what I see with an impressionists’ eye.

Coming upon a beautiful scene to paint is a gift. More often, you have to find the subtle beauty in a subject and bring out the elements that make it special.

Passion gives art life, and I am passionate about my art.  

Conveying a sense of time and place is part of my goal. For example, I want the viewer to feel he or she was at the seashore on a windy, sunny afternoon. I want them to hear the sea birds, taste the salt air, the smell the fish, or a chilly winter morning on the lake.  All these things add to the viewer's personal experience.

Painting from life can be a challenge. But, it offers big rewards.

Usually, what excites me to choose a subject has to do with light, color, or composition. Perhaps it is the way sunlight falls on a simple object or casts an interesting shadow.  Strong shapes and patterns form in a landscape when the sun is low. The sun moves faster than most people think.  In the morning light, a subject may be uninteresting, but by afternoon, the sun has brought it to life.

Being an artist has opened my eyes to see the beauty in the simplest of things. Even the mundane becomes beautiful.

I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love.